Virtual Fly Casting

Virtual Fly Casting

Take single or two-handed fly casting lessons online from one of the BEST in the business! Internationally recognized casting instructor Whitney Gould provides a personalized fly casting experience to help anglers develop and
improve their fly casting technique from anywhere in the world.

Using video analysis and other online forms of communication, new and experienced anglers alike can work with Whitney to advance their skills. Submit a contact form and additional instructions will be delivered to you via email

Club Presentation


Trout Spey Primer Presentation: A review of Trout Spey fly lines, leaders rigging and techniques.  

For all anglers Gould Standard Casting has created presentations for your Club. Presentations can be viewed either through zoom or at actual clubs meetings. Topics include how to Trout Spey and Casting Angles. More to come!

Casting Angles

Casting Angles: A review on how to angle the cast in the proper direction to present the fly.